About Diane Merriam

Background and skills

You know you need to be online these days, even if your business is done offline. The phone book is dying, if not already dead, in most places. If people want to find a business or learn anything about it, they open up their computer or turn on their smartphone.

They're searching in more places than ever. Google is still the big dog, but YouTube (which Google doesn't mind since they own it, too), Facebook and the various directory sites are gaining ground. Just having a plain one page of text with maybe a picture on it website doesn't cut it. They want to know where you are, who you are, what you do, how you do it and what other people think about you.  They want to know how to contact you in whatever way is convenient for them. They want to be entertained and educated, even if you're "just" the local pet shop or electrical contractor.

The businesses that do the best job of providing all that to their potential customers are the ones that will succeed and stay in business. Do you want to be one of them?

It used to be prohibitively expensive to do all that, but prices have come down a long ways. A video that used to cost $5000 can now be had for $500. A website experience that would run into the tens of thousands of dollars is now in the single thousands or even just hundreds of dollars. We're not talking about the telephone pole $79 websites that your neighbor's kid throws up, but well researched and proven designs that can be customized to your needs or even completely custom designs.

So why me?

I've been online, technically, since 1970, when I wrote my first computer program from a remote terminal in a distant city from the mainframe itself (if you don't recognize the term, it's an old one these days). I've been working on networks since the mid '90s and on the actual internet since the late '90s. This was my first domain, bought in 2009 for a personal site, but is now undergoing a major revision to become the hub of my different business specialty sites.

They include

  • Network 24/7, which handles website design and hosting
  • VisualsByDi, which deals mainly with creating videos and graphics

Upcoming sites include

  • Google MyBusiness, for getting your site in Google's cross hair as fast as possible
  • AdWords Management, for managing and optimizing paid AdWords marketing campaigns
  • Mobile Marketing, dealing with mobile optimized marketing
  • Video Marketing, focusing on YouTube marketing
  • Digital Marketing, which includes other streams such as social, email and content marketing

I have the tools and knowledge to handle your online needs while you do what you do best, running your business. If you have a need that I can't handle, I generally know who can and will point you in the right direction. So email me now by clicking email us or call 812-949-2347 to see what I can do to help you meet your business goals.